420 Pursuit’s Craft Team

Mel H Farrell, ceo

 Mel spent 17 years operating in the Global Energy sector in Solar, Oil & Gas and Geothermal. Mel is very well connected in the Canadian investment circle with extensive knowledge and experience in corporate finance and security laws. Utilizing his connections in Canadian investment, Mel has the ability to fast track start up Corporations in some of Canada’s most aggressive industry's. Mel is very well educated in the Canadian ALR regulations and has recently studied Cannabis Legislation including the Cannabis Act and government compliance around the production of cannabis. Standard operating procedures and the role they play in cannabis production. Graduated from, Seed to Harvest - Cannabis Botany & Plant Science courses 

Liz McKinney-Standard Operating Procedure Manager

Liz is enrolled in or has completed courses in Botany and Plant Science, focusing on different varieties and their unique characteristics, growth mediums as well as the stages of plant life cycles from seed to harvest. She has also studied Pest Management for Production, and commercially growing plants indoors or outdoors, including knowledge of greenhouse production and production management tools that are effective and meet the requirements of Health Canada. Liz also studied Cannabis Legislation including the Cannabis Act and government compliance around the production of cannabis. Standard operating procedures. Graduated from, Seed to Harvest - Cannabis Botany & Plant Science courses 

Blaine Copeland – Consultant, Master Grower

Successful entrepreneur with years of experience in medical cannabis production. Most recently, Blaine founded Go Green BC Medicinal Marijuana Ltd. founded in 2012, a late stage applicant for licenced producer with Health Canada. Blaine’s role in this start up included assuming master grower position under the MMAR/ACMPR license. This application for licensed producer passed all security clearances before its sale to a Vancouver company. Blaine was responsible for the start up from the beginning including the application submission to Health Canada, sourcing the quality assurance person and meeting security demands. This potential 24 thousand square foot licensed producer is currently awaiting Health Canada approval for license. 

 Blaine Copeland was a partner at Insul-Pro and responsible for overseeing the operation of 12 Canadian branches of 34 in the USA and Canada. Fluent in multi branch operations. He founded Tradesquote Systems Inc, and is former president of TradePro Holding Ltd. Co-recipient of the BC Entrepreneur of the year award in 1997. Pioneered Quality Assurance for the Insulation Industry as founder of the Canadian Insulation Association. Mr. Copeland is a Designated Master Grower of medical marijuana under the MMAR/ACMPR program, and is an expert in production facilities and Quality Assurance practices.

Lou Mckinney - Accounting Manager

Lou has provided senior management and financial consulting services for over 40 years, most recently as Chief Financial Officer and Director of Genesis Bioventures, Inc. a biomedical company focused on the development and marketing of cancer diagnostics. He was a co-founder of Ondine Biopharma Inc, where he served as CFO and Director, worked as a financial advisor to Forbes Medi-Tech, Inc, a publicly listed biopharmaceutical company. Previously, he was President and CEO of two start-up Canadian Securities firms and served as Manager of Corporate Services for C.M. Oliver & Company, a British Columbia brokerage firm. Lou held senior management positions in large real estate development and construction companies and was President and CEO of a Canadian institutional food distributor. He obtained his CA with Thorne, Mulholland, Howson and McPherson, one of the predecessor firms to KPMG.

Kristine Greavette - Controller

Kristine brings with her three years’ experience working with public companies. And 20 years’ experience accounting and controlling finances both locally and internationally.

Kristine is in charge of all finance systems and internal controls and is focused on all of the day-to-day accounting and financial management for 420 Pursuit Inc.

Blair Forrest - Consultant

Pushor Mitchell, LLP

1665 Ellis Street, Kelowna,

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