420 Pursuit Inc. Highlights

                 420 Pursuit Inc is creating a Cropportunity in the Craft Cannabis Market 

A very low percentage of cannabis companies have a seasoned management team that will take the company from Seed to Sale like we do.

420 Pursuit Inc's team has a history of Growing the finest quality craft cannabis on the market today, even the CEO has graduated from Botany Cannabis Cultivation Courses. 

A cannabis company can't come into the market with the same business model as it's competitors 
420 Pursuit Inc is capitalizing on a niche market that we created in the Craft Cannabis industry in order to enjoy unlimited growth.

Many companies take high percentages for consultation fee's from money raised
420 Pursuit Inc takes none , 100% of all money raised goes to moving the company forward.

The average cannabis company takes 2 to 3 years to build out their facility.
420 Pursuit Inc can build out a Craft facility fully operational in 4 months to Health Canada Standards.

The average cannabis company has a massive monthly pre harvest cash burn rate. Due to making lease payments on properties/warehouses and slow build outs while waiting for licensing approvals.

420 Pursuit Inc. has incredible economics, our leases are paid on a per harvest basis and not monthly and complete build outs only take 4 months.

One of the tricks to entering the public market is keeping your share issuance down to avoid a poor IPO

420 Pursuit Inc will enter the Cannabis market with a fully operating nursery that will create income while we capitalize on multiple Craft Licenses in order to avoid share dilution and in doing so create a strong IPO at such time.

420 Pursuit Inc acknowledges that there are many opportunities in the cannabis industry in Canada and globally. It would be almost impossible to distract the 420 team, we have a laser focus that is based on building out our asset base, creating income while focusing on a return of investment for our shareholders.